[Game Demo] A warfare thats all too sweet

16 10 2007

I have once told myself that i will not play anymore World War II scenario games since it has rather been recycled or retold countless times in different styles and forms especially in the format of video games. Do not get me wrong, i don’t hate them but i just gotten tired of the same old theme much like the fantasy theme for mmorpgs. As tired as it might get, it did churn out quite a few good titles such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes and so much more from the RTS or the ever popular FPS genre, which i dare say really cash in quite alot for those developers. Read the rest of this entry »


A newly added family member

6 10 2007

Recently a newly added gaming family member has just been added. It’s small and compact however it does pack a punch. It has a large squarish face with 4 freckles on each side of it’s face. It has a large dimple on it’s lower right plus a few teeth. Ok i know this sound so stupid but i couldn’t find any suitable words to describe it. In anycase, what i’m talking about is recently launched PSP(Playstation Portable) Slim & Lite. After months of agonizing(ok not that agonizing) decisive moments, i’ve finally decided to pick up one myself.

So finally i’ll be able to kill time (or maybe waste more) with the psp and since i’m having a two weeks break, i might as well blog a review on a psp game – fft maybe? or a ps2 game since i’m almost done with it. Though i understand i’ve been delaying and delaying and it’s almost like i’ve abandoned the blog but i won’t but i just lack the time i need to do it. So for now, i’m taking advantage of the holidays to make up for it. Cheers.

P/S: anyone could tell me how to take screenshots for the psp?